Photographs - the war and after

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Last worked on July 11, 2006. Captions, final cleanup and replacement of some of the thumbs yet to be done.

Typical Union Soldier

"The Letter"

Identified (with commentary) Union officer.

Union Officer in Montana Territory.

Union Soldier

Union Zouave officer

Union Zouave colored

Lady Soldier, but who?

Confederate Officer

Union or Confederate Soldier?

Union Soldiers with Whisky Bottle

"Pain" or "Hospital" Bullet

Lame ex-soldier - 1866

One-armed veterans

"The Empty Sleeve"

Early G. A. R. man in full uniform.

G. A. R Family Man

Proud G. A. R. man

G. A. R. man with presentation badge.

G. A. R. man with membership button for ordinary street wear.

Copy of a tintype of Alfred N. Sova (1847-1935), who was a private in Co. B of the 9th New York Heavy Artillery (6th Corps). He enlisted in December of 1863 and saw action in the battles of Cold Harbor, Monocacy, Cedar Creek, Petersburg Breakthrough and Saylor's Creek. A long time member of the G.A.R., he was recognized as the last surviving Civil War veteran in his small community in Michigan by the early 1930's. Incidentally, he is supposed to be depicted in the soon to be released movie on the battle of Monocacy, "No Retreat for Destiny", for his role in the burning of the covered bridge over the river.(They have an actor who resembles the tintype). He was the great-grandfather of South Bay Civil War Round Table member Fred Rohrer (who we thank for this fine photograph).