"The Empty Sleeve"

The title comes from a series of drawings Winslow Homer made after the war for Harper's Weekly. These featured a Civil War veteran, such as "The empty sleeve at the beach", "The empty sleeve in the mountains", etc., where the veteran was called by his obvious "badge of honor". I also have a CDV called just that, "The Empty Sleeve", which follows this CDV in the Civil War Photograph index.

These two former Union soldiers are very proud of their sacrifice, as well they should be. The carte-de-visite was taken in the 1870s, and the man on the left is wearing the Medal of Honor-style Grand Army of the Republic membership badge. This style badge, known as the "Type 3 Badge", was replaced with the more common style in 1880, although the Type 3 could be worn as long as the veteran desired. The later style is shown in several photos on this site.

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