January 2003 Quiz

1 - Who wrote "Battles and Leaders of the Civil War"?

2 - What was the average cost of a Civil War musket?

3 - Who named the "Monitor" ironclad?

4 - What outfit did Kit Carson command?

5 - Name the only three Confederates who held the rank of general in the U. S. Army after the war.

6 - John Wilkes Booth broke his __________ when he jumped to the stage after shooting Lincoln.

7 - What was the name of Robert E. Lee's Southern plantation?

8 - The rebel general who defeated Grant at Belmont was __________.

9 - The most famous terrorist attack of the South upon the North was __________?

10 - Before Antietam, what was the largest and bloodiest battle ever fought on the American continent?

11 - The fathers of two future U. S. presidents hired substitutes. Name the presidents.

12 - What was the Williams gun?

13 - Who said, "If nominated, I will not run, if elected, I will not serve"?

14 - What did the slang term "to see the elephant" mean to both Union and Confederate soldiers during the Civil War?

15 - The road running through Pickett's Charge was:

16 - Who ordered the ill-conceived Confederate frontal assault at Malvern Hill?

17 - The Red Cross was founded by who?

18 - Confederate Gen. Felix Zollicoffer wore what curious outfit at the Battle of Mill's Springs?

19 - This month's really hard question: What was unusual about the Confederacy's "Thomas's Legion"?

20 - This month's Impossible question: At what occupations was Union Brig. Gen Louis Blenker trained before the war?