February 2003 Quiz

1 - Union Colonel Frank A. Haskell wrote "The Battle of Gettysburg". What was unusual about the writing of this book?

2 - All U. S. presidents from 1865 until 1901, with one exception, were Civil War veterans. What president's name is noticeably absent from the following list because he bought a substitute?
Andrew Johnson U. S. Grant
Rutherford B. Hayes James A. Garfield
Chester A. Arthur Benjamin Harrison
William McKinley

3 - The Union Army unit some of whose men were issued Medals of Honor for staying in the army for the battle of Gettysburg was the ______?

4 - While the Federals overran the Confederate positions at Five Forks, where were the top two Confederate commanders, George Pickett and Fitzhugh Lee?

5 - What major battles occurred these months and years?
July 1861 July 1863
April 1862 May 1864
May 1863 January 1865

6 - What tiny detail doomed the career of the "C.S.S. Neuse"?

7 - What was the name of the ironclad ram "C.S.S. Neuse's" more famous sister ship?

8 - U. S. fractional currency (face value under a dollar) notes issued during the Civil War and later had what derisive nickname?

9 - What was Union Maj. Gen. John Sedgwick's affectionate nickname among his troops?

10 - This three times wounded Civil War soldier was, many years after the end of the war, the Chief Justice of the U. S. Supreme Court. Name him.

11 - At the time of the Civil War an estimated ____ percent of Southern whites had at least one black ancestor. What was the percentage?

12 - This Union general later became governor of Mississippi. He was: Adelbert Ames.

13 - She was called "the Angel of the Battlefield". She was: Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross.

14 - Place these generals according to the country for which they fought, North or South:
Galusha Pennypacker States Rights Gist
Albert Sidney Johnston Nelson A. Miles
"Tardy George" Sykes Darius N. Couch
John B. Gordon William Barksdale
Felix Zollicoffer Jefferson C. Davis

15 - John Wilkes Booth came from a famous family of _________?
politicians lawyers explorers
actors artists inventors
doctors authors merchants
whalers scientists furniture makers

16 - Once it's been fired, the time period during which it is possible for an unexploded Civil War cannon ball to explode is: six months, five years, forever. (It can always explode if mishandled.)

17 - Mishandling of the above cannon ball is considered be five of the following ten: Dropping it from a Boeing 747, Slapping it briskly with a maple leaf, Using it as a bowling ball, Carefully placing it on top of a red-hot barbeque grill, Placing it beneath a five-ton drop hammer, Menacing it with a angry glance, Painting it bright red, Hitting it with an armor-piercing incendiary .50-caliber machine-gun bullet, Putting it under a voodoo curse. What's unusual about this list of possibilities? (Our motto: Have fun writing the quiz questions.)

18 - How old at the time (September 1862) was Barbara Fritchie, who, John Greenleaf Whittier wrote, dared Stonewall Jackson to shoot her "old gray head"?

19 - This month's Hard Question: Following the battle of Gettysburg, the U. S. Government paid what price per pound for recovered lead?

20 - This Month's Impossible Question: What reason kept Prussian war hero Prince Salm-salm from being appointed a general by Lincoln?