Comments We have Received About Our Book, "Collecting American Newspapers"

"The Hobby Has a Guide - Finally!" - Eric Caren, President, Newspaper Collectors' Society of America

"The new classic of the profession, the new virtual encyclopedia by which all others will be judged." - Alton Ketchum (Harrington's), Connecticut

"I have really enjoyed your book. After reading it, I almost feel like an authority on Newspapers and Newspaper collecting myself." - Elbert Anderson, California

"It's not only worth the price cent by cent - you wrote a cornerstone work for any reference library, a bible for any newspaper collector!" - Harald Braem, Germany.

"A very fine piece of work, well worth the wait." - Phil Barber, Massachusetts

"Many thanks for your wonderful book (I've read it twice), your inscription, and your helpful and informative letter. Collecting American Newspapers is a splendid read, and an absolutely indispensible guide to actapublicurics [newspaper collecting]. Before reading your book I was merely curious about collecting old newspapers. Now I'm a hopeless addict!" - Dwight Whalen, Canada

"What a great tool for my favorite hobby." - Brett Yaden, California